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How Perfecting the Ultimate Winter Coat Can Facelift Women’s Style

How Perfecting the Ultimate Winter Coat Can Facelift Women’s Style

As the temperature plummets, it's easy to abandon fashion in favour of whatever is the cosiest in your closet. We've all been there. But let us guide you to a better way and help you find the best women's jackets and coats in Pakistan. Choosing outerwear that keeps you warm and cosy but doesn’t make you look like an overstuffed and outdated marshmallow – though we don't mind cloud-like smoothness when executed the right way, isn’t as hard as it might seem.

With a new year comes a fresh perspective on the idea that style and functionality can coexist in the same article. When it comes to fashion, standing the "test of time" is a bit tough to keep up with, but that isn't the case with coats as they are one of the most enduring, staple pieces of clothing items to have graced the fashion world. 

Outerwear aficionados and coat enthusiasts like Zendaya, Kate Middleton, and Rihanna aren't the only ones inspiring us to get our winter coat game on.

winter coat for women

Most of us reach for a denim leather jacket, a classic cardigan, or a thick puffer jacket when it comes to layering up. Every woman should have at least a couple of fashionable women's coats in her capsule wardrobe for the sake of variety.

We've curated a list of the top women’s jackets coats in Pakistan that we think is essential to always have on hand:

Top Five Coats Every Woman Should Have in Her Closet

Trench Coats

It's hard to think of a better topper than a classic trench coat. Regardless of what you're donning, a women’s trench coat can make you look like a style icon such as Alexa Chung or like Kate Middleton.

To this day, the term "classic trench" is synonymous with a particularly attractive brand of utilitarianism – as every well-made trench features a practical, double-breasted design for necessary warmth, thigh-length fall and thick fabric for weather protection, and multiple pockets.

Lightweight and weather-proof, this versatile women's coat is ideal for layering as we move from winter to spring. During the day, wear it with jeans and sneakers; at night, don a gown and heels.

Parka Jackets

What once originated as a staple in Inuit clothing is now the trendiest coat for women. In the dead of winter, nothing beats a parka jacket for women for warmth. The parka coat is an excellent choice for the outdoors during a breezy, chilly day. It usually has a button and zip front and a drawcord waist to keep you ultra-warm and ready to face the weather. 

But one of the poshest elements of the parka is the thick layer of fur on the hood called the 'ruff ‘. It not only looks chic but also works as a windbreaker. An outer layer in khaki, brown, or black is a traditional choice because it goes with so many different ensembles.

Pea Coat

A pea coat is a staple piece of outerwear for women, and it's obvious to see why. Comfortable and stylish, this classic women's coat was originally worn by sailors to keep them warm out on the high seas.

With their double-breasted front and a shorter length that falls below the hips, Pea coats are a stylish accent to any ensemble. Flaring at the waist, ulster necks, vertical seam pockets, and plastic or metal buttons were all features of the original peacoat design, which are still evident today. 

Layer it with a contrasting sweater underneath it to add complexity to your look, and pair it with some pants.

Wool Coat

Wool-blend women's coats are perhaps the definitive winter layering piece if you're looking to add a luxe layer to your outfit. Wool's natural insulation keeps you warm while also providing a refined and classic appearance. For a more sophisticated look, go for a coat with a faux fur collar.

A wool coat can be an essential element of your wardrobe with a flattering fit and colour that compliments your skin tone. Wool has the added benefit of being sustainable. Wool is both recyclable and renewable – produced every year without loss of life or a negative impact on the environment. A women's coat that’s sustainable and trendy? We’re all for it.

Teddy Coat

One of the most practical and comfortable clothing styles to emerge in the 1920s and again, just recently is the teddy coat. They're made of a plush and fluffy material that's a little rougher than traditional faux fur jackets. Known for being comfy, we think they look best with casual apparel from sweatpants to jeans, to a dressed-up casual look.

This coat is a huge hit with women around the world because of its fluff-tastic fit. Many celebrities, including Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, have been seen walking around town in this outer layer.

Top Four Tips to Help You Pick the Perfect Coat

Opt for a coat colour that goes well with your skin tone

Colour is the most powerful means of conveying a message – and it’s just as true in clothing. If you choose a colour that’s too pale while your skin tone is on the paler side, it might end up flushing your skin colour. On the other hand, pick something too bright and contrasting to your skin tone and it might look too clashing. Pro-tip: choose a neutral colour that will go with anything. It's all well and good to have a red women's coat when you want to turn heads, but does it always go with the rest of your outfits or your seasonal wardrobe pieces? You compromise versatility with such bold coloured coats so it’s best to have your neutral colours covered first.

Choose a coat style that flatters your physique

Trying to battle against your body is useless. Opt for a fit and flare or A-line silhouette rather than a straight-cut coat if you are curvy.

Choose a coat length that is suited to your lifestyle

If your daily routine includes a lot of commuting or business travel, you'll want something you can slip on with ease. Long coats can be cumbersome to wear in vehicles because they take too much room and require some carrying skills. A shorter coat is much more practical.

Consider your lifestyle as well – where you live

It's chilly enough in Pakistan that you'll need to wear a winter coat for at least two to three months. Your workday coat is an important investment, so make sure you make the right choice. 

Why Should You Invest in A High-Quality Quintessential Coat?

A great quality winter coat can take you from sunup to sundown with panache. 

Fashionable women's jackets and coats in Pakistan that are only moderately warm should suffice during October and early November. If you do somehow get through December, you'll be thanking your stars. However, if it drops below zero in January, you’ll need a high material-quality and stitching women’s coat to keep you both, warm and fashionable!

So, shop at Zeitgeist for the best women’s jacket coats in Pakistan.

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