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 Meet Nashmia Haroon – multi-disciplinary visual artist, music afficionado, founder and creative head at Tagh'eer Lahore. With degrees in Fine Art (Painting) and M.A honors in Visual Art from the National College of Arts Lahore, Nashmia’s practice mainly revolves around painting and photography. However, a huge part of her creative direction has been driven by her passion for music.

Since the past few years, she has concentrated on exploring abstraction through painting, and the influence of music on it. Her most recent visual art exhibit, “The Marks of Sound”, focuses on evoking a sense of musicality, aspiring to create rhythm and tonal structures that can take thousands of forms.

Previously, Nashmia’s work was based more on the changing urban landscape of major cities, with Lahore being the focal point. One of her key works inspired by this notion was “The Aesthetics of a System Default”, a structure created in scaffolding around the NCA main courtyard fountain to draw from its own basic structure and proportion. 

In addition to her journey as a visual artist, Nashmia channels her passion for the arts through Tagh’eer Lahore – a creative space intended to cater to artists, musicians, writers, and creatives from any field. The mission of Tagh'eer Lahore is to collect, preserve, study, exhibit, and stimulate appreciation for works of art that collectively represent the broadest spectrum of human achievement at the highest level of quality and professional standards.

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